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Large-scale design, construction and operation of groundwater structures (dams) in the seismic zone of the Republic of Uzbekistan challenges researchers with the task of continually improving methods for calculating the basic loads (gravitational forces, hydrostatics), as provided by the design standards. Accidents or damage to water supporting structures can lead to catastrophic consequences. Static calculation of plane models of earthen dams on a rigid and pliable base is made on the basis of the developed set of applied programs. It takes into account the structural heterogeneity under its own weight and hydrostatic pressure on the upper slope. Finite element discretization of models is used in the calculation. The accuracy and convergence of the results obtained is shown in a test example. Numerical calculations are performed on the example of Charvak earthen dam. On the basis of developed programs, calculations are carried out and the effect of the base compliance on the stress-strain condition of the earthen dam under its own weight is investigated. Studies of the stress-strain condition of a soil structure revealed a violation of strength in the central part of a heterogeneous soil dam near the core and adjacent areas, on a part of the surface and at the foot of the side slopes, regardless of the base flexibility. It is shown that pore pressure dispersion in the clay core of the stone-earthen dam of the Charvak Hydroelectric Station is very slow. This may contribute to the formation of an unfavorable stress-strain condition of the dam, which changes over time.

Stone-earthen dam, core of the dam, stress, pore pressure, field data, Charvak earthen dam
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